Make Any Shoe a Smart Shoe

A pair of comfortable inserts placed in the shoe to capture movement and balance




High Performance Tracking

Boogio is a pair of inserts with embedded sensors to capture force, balance, gait, and 3d movement of your foot and body. 

Use Boogio to measure movement in fitness, training, sports, rehabilitation, gaming, virtual reality and more.

Finally a tracker that senses how well you perform, not just how much you move. 


Move Smart

Placing the Boogio inserts into your shoes equips you with high-quality instantaneous data. The Boogio app interprets the data, providing real-time feedback for fundamental biomechanics like center of balance, foot strike zone, ground contact speed, gait symmetry, and more.  


A Giant Leap For Humankind

Pioneers Wanted

Take your first digital step with Boogio to unlock a world few humans have ventured. Boogio is an open platform for innovation and discovery with applications for gaming, fitness, training, rehabilitation and more. We provide you with tools to get started quickly and push the boundaries of exploration. 

Boogio is designed to support all Bluetooth Smart-Ready devices 4.0 and above. Documentation and example projects are continuously being added.

Support so far:

  • Clearly Documented GATT Profile
  • iOS example app and source code
  • OS X synchronization app
  • Windows 10 example app and source code
  • Raspberry Pi - (Python) example app and source code
  • More projects underway!

Boogio Beta Developer  

Boogio Smart Shoe Developer Kit comes with everything you need to get data from the shoe to your screen. 

Current Specifications – Boogio 5.0: ( per foot )

• Bluetooth Smart ( BLE ) nRF51822 SoC ( Nordic Semiconductor ) ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU, embedded 2.4GHz transceiver
10-bit resolution for each force sensor in the array
• 9-Axis Motion Tracking 

  • Accelerometer --------- (±8 G)
  • Gyroscope -------------- (±1000 °/sec)
  • Magnetometer --------- (±4800μT full-scale range)

• Micro USB charging
• Lightweight at less than 0.4 oz
• Enough storage and battery life to capture your full day - Charge and synchronize while you sleep
• Smart Filtering Heuristics (SFH) eliminate noise, maximizing battery life and storage

The game’s inputs were set up using a protoype program where game developers could easily manage what inputs drive which actions in a game.
— Jenna Pitcher, Polygon
Because there are so many potential applications of the technology, the company decided to step back and offer its developer kit first as an evaluation kit to their partners.
— Robert Vamosi, Forbes
We believe innovative products such as Boogio can be applied in health care, and we are eager to see how this technology can help our patients.
— Vickie White, VP of strategic partnering at Florida Hospital
people wearing Boogio in their shoes could potentially enjoy more responsive gaming experiences, get real-time feedback on their form as they work on a golf swing or jump shot, or track their progress in rehabbing from an injury.
— Damon Poeter, PC Magazine